As promised…

15 Mar


So my darling Wee, As I trotted off to my coffee hit in the early hours of this morning I thought that if possible I should send you my own picture of this fantastic little place. And little it is! Have a look at the hole in the wall!

I must say, the boys were chuffed to bits when I said that I was taking this picture for my hot friend in Perth. Unfortunately the picture of them posing for you is blurry 😦

Love you xxxxx




First post from Paddo

13 Mar

So this is the commencement of our fantastic new blog! What a smart little cookie you are my Wee Wee. I think this is one of you best ideas so far (and some of your other ideas have been pretty impressive)!

So where shall I begin. Today I went to get coffee at my new (4-weeks-new) favourite coffee shop on King St in the city. The boys that run it are so funny, they greet me most days with a big hello, a welcome back and most times they remark on my foot wear. Now that is a prime example of savvy business men!

I have also started running to and from work in my NEW trainers. I swear they actually make me go faster they are that snazzy. I am road running in preparation for Tough Mudder which is also the reason I am now off the vino (and other alcoholic beverages) for 5 weeks. Oh gosh. Ho hum. I have to keep thinking, bikinis, skinny jeans, miniskirts, strong legs, bikinis, skinny jeans, miniskirts, strong legs….. repeat after me!


(I hope you appreciate how difficult this picture was to take!)

So my darling Wee, I now leave you to return to my work. I will be on here again soon and am looking forward to your next post.





If we were going out Saturday night…

11 Mar

This is what I would wear;



My new Kachel dress I scored from the David Jones sales racks and I’d be begging to borrow your pink strappy wedges.

I would be wearing this new Stila lipstick (Color Balm lipstick in Gabrielle) and maybe let you borrow it because it’s the perfect dusty rose pink that I’ve been searching for all my life. And it smells good (minty).



NB: this is not the colour but the dang website didn’t have Gabrielle and this shade was the closest I could find!

If we were having a wee glass of bubbles or a lime moscow (I’m still dreaming about the cocktails at Steph’s wedding) before headin’ out, I would put these in front of you…



Kale chips! Have you tried them yet? I followed Donna Hay’s recipe from the Sunday Times yesterday, minus the chilli. They’re soooo good and they’re green. Close your eyes and CRUNCH! Could be a potater chip. But healthier, way way healthier.

Love you xoxo

Making life a beach

9 Mar

Dear Leila,

I’ve been a little worried lately that Stella is getting too old to just follow me around from cafe to cafe, to the grocery store, doing chores and expect her to get lots out of it. She’s learning so much and I want her to become a smart little cookie like your mum and my mum made us!

So last week we went on two excursions to the beach to visit the Sculptures by the Sea. Once with your dreamy sister-in-law and once with lady Stephanie visiting us from Sydney. Seeing all the weird, crazy and colourful sculptures and talking about them hopefully got her little mind ticking over.

Like a giant, warped straw beach hat

Like a giant, warped straw beach hat


A freaky kangaroo with a human head in its chest... wha? And Rach getting creeped out!

A freaky kangaroo with a human head in its chest… wha? And Rach getting creeped out!


The pylon framed by this sexy number

The pylon framed by this sexy number

As you can see, my photography needs some working on and I definitely have a lot to learn about exposure… way too much sunshine in Perth for my limited skills!

Here is a darling picture Rach took of Stella and I. What do you think of my $39 Cotton On dress? Bargain! After your success there due to Rach, I went on a bargain hunt and came up with this.

Still little enough to carry around all day xx

Still little enough to carry around all day xx

And beaching it with Aunty Steph… she loves the sand and I think she tried building a castle in her nappy judging by half the beach we brought home with us.


And now it’s Saturday night and party time… I bought a new dress on sale today from David Jones and can’t wait to show you… another post coming atcha very soon my love!!

Lisa xoxo