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Coffee date

23 Apr

Hello my dear Leila!

If you were here right now, I would kidnap you from your Mama’s house (let’s be real, she wouldn’t let me take you willingly!) and take you either here…



Mmmmm Cimbalinos, the creamiest of lattes in Perth and only steps away from North Cottesloe beach. When you are here in the summer time, we are going to have a dip in the ocean and then head up there to caffeinate to start our days on a regular basis. Mum and I did that heaps when I was on maternity leave before Stella and a few times this summer with little lady too. It’s pretty much heaven and when you live in Perth, it’s what you do! hehe can i put 10 points on the board for that one?

Or I’d take you…


Our local Little Pantry so Stella can run amok and we can natter.

So anyways, this post I wanted to give you some tips that I’ve read up on for your upcoming trip. Before, here are some shops you must visit if you come across them! Free People (so cute and different) and Anthropologie (everywhere and a little pricey, but worth it for a couple of good pieces).

Ok foooooood 

1. Chez Panisse (San Fran) is supposed to be heaven for foodies. Based on locavarian cooking (locally-sourced) and apparently typical California dishes. Every blog I’ve read on the place raves about it, get on it. However, i think you might need to book!

2. French Laundry (Napa Valley) Again California dining (hey, when in Rome…) you have to book 2 months ahead though, so see if you can get in. Just look at the pictures on their website… nom nom indeed!! Quick quick go book what are you waiting for?!!

3. Ferry Building (San Fran) they have regular farmer markets here which have beautiful produce. The coffee was pretty good (for American coffee) at Blue Bottle if you’re craving something decent after Starbucks dishwater.

Okay dang Stella just had a really short nap, I’ve got to go get her but hopefully this is a little tasty tantaliser to keep you going til we meet again Weeweeeweee 

PS It was soooo good to see your pretty face on Saturday!!! Family gatherings with the Rawlos are always so much fun!!! xoxoxo