Denim serendipity

21 Mar

When I first got back from your wedding, I went to a shop I love and tried on a pair of jeans. They were on sale for a third of their original price, looked cute but were just a bit too tight. I was in muffin top agony over whether to get them or not in the hope I’d get a bit smaller and decided I shouldn’t because it’s always dangerous to buy clothes that don’t fit because let’s be real, they might never 😦

So this week, some 5-6 months later, I returned to this little gem of a shop in Claremont…


Daisy and Charlie in Claremont

Isn’t it cute? There’s one in Mt Lawley too where I bought some French Sole flats for a steal last year.

So I go in for a little browse before heading into a kids shop for Stella and I can’t believe it… those dang jeans were there, just waiting for me to come pick them up! Six months later! I tried them on and lo and behold, Wee, they fit me. Not a muffin top, not even a crumb, in sight! And still only a third of the price at $100.

Wanna see them?



Ok a better angle required.

The patterned top isn't a belt, it's part of the jeans.

The patterned top isn’t a belt, it’s part of the jeans.

They sort of like white in this pics but they’re a very pale blue. I really need to work on my fashion photography, I realise these are horrible pics but I love my new jeans so much! And they’re comfy… and Sean likes them, but most importantly I love them!

Sooooo… any new purchases I need to know about? Will post you some Yosemite pics so you can get excited Team Coolinson xoxoxo





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