First post from Paddo

13 Mar

So this is the commencement of our fantastic new blog! What a smart little cookie you are my Wee Wee. I think this is one of you best ideas so far (and some of your other ideas have been pretty impressive)!

So where shall I begin. Today I went to get coffee at my new (4-weeks-new) favourite coffee shop on King St in the city. The boys that run it are so funny, they greet me most days with a big hello, a welcome back and most times they remark on my foot wear. Now that is a prime example of savvy business men!

I have also started running to and from work in my NEW trainers. I swear they actually make me go faster they are that snazzy. I am road running in preparation for Tough Mudder which is also the reason I am now off the vino (and other alcoholic beverages) for 5 weeks. Oh gosh. Ho hum. I have to keep thinking, bikinis, skinny jeans, miniskirts, strong legs, bikinis, skinny jeans, miniskirts, strong legs….. repeat after me!


(I hope you appreciate how difficult this picture was to take!)

So my darling Wee, I now leave you to return to my work. I will be on here again soon and am looking forward to your next post.






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