If we were going out Saturday night…

11 Mar

This is what I would wear;



My new Kachel dress I scored from the David Jones sales racks and I’d be begging to borrow your pink strappy wedges.

I would be wearing this new Stila lipstick (Color Balm lipstick in Gabrielle) and maybe let you borrow it because it’s the perfect dusty rose pink that I’ve been searching for all my life. And it smells good (minty).


Source: color+balm+lipstick.do 

NB: this is not the colour but the dang website didn’t have Gabrielle and this shade was the closest I could find!

If we were having a wee glass of bubbles or a lime moscow (I’m still dreaming about the cocktails at Steph’s wedding) before headin’ out, I would put these in front of you…



Kale chips! Have you tried them yet? I followed Donna Hay’s recipe from the Sunday Times yesterday, minus the chilli. They’re soooo good and they’re green. Close your eyes and CRUNCH! Could be a potater chip. But healthier, way way healthier.

Love you xoxo


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