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29 Mar


Make these right now my Wee Wee. Stella will love them. xxx


Food, food, baking, exercise, clothes and more food

29 Mar

My darling Wee,

I loved your last posts. They helped cement my already growing fascination for Yosemite and I promptly booked my tickets at Curry Village after I had finished reading. I am incredibly excited! It is so soon, I cannot wait to be back travelling again. That is something I knew would happen when I stopped flying but I didn’t think it would still be affecting me 2 years on. I really crave travel, that freedom you get when you are somewhere foreign and you are completely self reliant. I am coming to terms with it but I do wish it would all ease off a little more than it has! This trip will be well received!
Now before I forget, I have a recipe for you. You asked for it and here it is. It is incredibly simple but incredibly yummy. Add what other ingredients you think it might need but I personally think it is so yummy in it’s simplicity.
Oat and Rye Cookies 
4 T of peanut butter (homemade is best)
4 T raw/unheated honey
1/2 cup rolled wholegrain oats
1/2 cup rolled rye (I sometime use desiccated coconut instead)
1/2 cup wholemeal flour
1/2 cup sultanas
1 egg, lightly beaten
-Preheat the oven to 180C.
-Mix the honey and peanut butter (you can heat them if it makes it easier for them to come together).
-Stir in everything else
-Form into walnut sized balls and push down gently on them. 
-Bake for 10-15 minutes or until golden. Makes around 20.
-Eat before the gym, after the gym, with a cup of tea or just so Prawn doesn’t eat them all!
So now to tell you what I have been up to. You asked if I had bought anything new. Well naughtily I have. I bought a skirt. It’s fabulous and a little cheeky! See pic below. It is in it’s element when you move and wiggle in it. Very sexy!
To be honest, I am not really up to that much at the moment. Ste and I have been having a few quiet weekends. The last few months have been insane so we have welcomed the calm and have been taking the Fred man to explore some areas in walking distance. A couple of weekends ago we went to a new cafe that has opened up called SuzieQ. It has record everywhere and a dj playing soul and house on a Sunday afternoon. Very Surry Hills.
Oh and did I add that the food was delish?
I also wanted to share THE BEST SANDWICH SHOP IN THE WORKD WITH YOU. You have no idea. To give you an idea of the size of the sandwiches,Sean would walk away satisfied from this place. FOR $9!!!
Best sandwich ever
I know I know, it’s crazy math but it is true and I will take you there next time. Personally I love the chicken schnitzel with caramelised carrots, butter lettuce, their home made mayo and a chilli paste. (I am so getting one today now.)
Laura returned from London after being sent there for work for the Woolmark final. She got to meet V Beckham, Donatella Versace, DVF etc etc. Lucky lady. However as I had lent her some warm coats and boots she brought me a treat back! I was so pleased. The scarf is pure merino wool and to die for. I love the brand, I also love the make up. Very generous indeed. She also came back with some juicy storied which I will tell you another time.
 From darling Laura
So I guess I should get up and get things one now. Run, food, snooze, food, sew. Thats the order for today and I think it sounds like a good day!
Love you more than Fred loves a cuddle (and that is a lot).xxxxxxxx

My new favourite song

21 Mar

My new favourite song

Listen to the song Hurricane by Vydamo… what do you think? It transports me… I love it and can’t wait til it’s released so I can have it on my iPod!! xoxo

Heaven is a half dome

21 Mar

Oh you two… I can’t express my jealousy at your upcoming honeymoon but I’m also very excited for you!

Here are a couple pics of Yosemite to pump you up a bit more!

Yosemite falls from the valley floor...

Yosemite falls from the valley floor…

On the way up... so beautiful and what a workout

On the way up… so beautiful and what a workout

Unbelievable feeling of making it to the top and seeing the majestic views of Yosemite from up there

Unbelievable feeling of making it to the top and seeing the majestic views of Yosemite from up there


Another mind blowingly beautiful and long hike this time up to Half Dome

Another mind blowingly beautiful and long hike this time up to Half Dome

At the top, going across to Half Dome looks like desert until you go a bit further...

At the top, going across to Half Dome looks like desert until you go a bit further…

Snow!! In the middle of summer when the valley floor is about 25degs... it's that high

Snow!! In the middle of summer when the valley floor is about 25degs… it’s that high

The face of Half Dome

The face of Half Dome

Our accom!!!

Posing in our fancy pad, note three walls and canvas door to protect us from bears!

Posing in our fancy pad, note three walls and canvas door to protect us from bears!


It was loads of fun and had a campfire (contained as a barbecue) in front so we roasted snaggers and sweet potato for dinner and marshmallows for dessert. So fun!

But I’ve heard really good things about The Awahnee and from the outside it looked gorgeous. Check out the website pics

Lots of people get married in the very classic dining hall there.

Well I hope this gets you pumped and planning all the hikes you can… make sure you do Yosemite Falls and Half Dome even though they’ll each take you all day, you’ll need lots of snacks and a packed lunch, but when you get to the top and see the sights and a patriotic American singing Star Spangled Banner with tears in his eyes like we did… you’ll be thanking us for making you do it.

Get amongst it!!







Denim serendipity

21 Mar

When I first got back from your wedding, I went to a shop I love and tried on a pair of jeans. They were on sale for a third of their original price, looked cute but were just a bit too tight. I was in muffin top agony over whether to get them or not in the hope I’d get a bit smaller and decided I shouldn’t because it’s always dangerous to buy clothes that don’t fit because let’s be real, they might never 😦

So this week, some 5-6 months later, I returned to this little gem of a shop in Claremont…


Daisy and Charlie in Claremont

Isn’t it cute? There’s one in Mt Lawley too where I bought some French Sole flats for a steal last year.

So I go in for a little browse before heading into a kids shop for Stella and I can’t believe it… those dang jeans were there, just waiting for me to come pick them up! Six months later! I tried them on and lo and behold, Wee, they fit me. Not a muffin top, not even a crumb, in sight! And still only a third of the price at $100.

Wanna see them?



Ok a better angle required.

The patterned top isn't a belt, it's part of the jeans.

The patterned top isn’t a belt, it’s part of the jeans.

They sort of like white in this pics but they’re a very pale blue. I really need to work on my fashion photography, I realise these are horrible pics but I love my new jeans so much! And they’re comfy… and Sean likes them, but most importantly I love them!

Sooooo… any new purchases I need to know about? Will post you some Yosemite pics so you can get excited Team Coolinson xoxoxo




As promised…

15 Mar


So my darling Wee, As I trotted off to my coffee hit in the early hours of this morning I thought that if possible I should send you my own picture of this fantastic little place. And little it is! Have a look at the hole in the wall!

I must say, the boys were chuffed to bits when I said that I was taking this picture for my hot friend in Perth. Unfortunately the picture of them posing for you is blurry 😦

Love you xxxxx



First post from Paddo

13 Mar

So this is the commencement of our fantastic new blog! What a smart little cookie you are my Wee Wee. I think this is one of you best ideas so far (and some of your other ideas have been pretty impressive)!

So where shall I begin. Today I went to get coffee at my new (4-weeks-new) favourite coffee shop on King St in the city. The boys that run it are so funny, they greet me most days with a big hello, a welcome back and most times they remark on my foot wear. Now that is a prime example of savvy business men!

I have also started running to and from work in my NEW trainers. I swear they actually make me go faster they are that snazzy. I am road running in preparation for Tough Mudder which is also the reason I am now off the vino (and other alcoholic beverages) for 5 weeks. Oh gosh. Ho hum. I have to keep thinking, bikinis, skinny jeans, miniskirts, strong legs, bikinis, skinny jeans, miniskirts, strong legs….. repeat after me!


(I hope you appreciate how difficult this picture was to take!)

So my darling Wee, I now leave you to return to my work. I will be on here again soon and am looking forward to your next post.